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A Blogging Funk

Unfortunately, I have been MIA in the blogging world lately.  A couple of months ago I started getting into a blogging funk, which was then followed by an overwhelming amount of studying at school…resulting in me not blogging for over a month.  I am sure all my reader(s) missed me dearly. Quite honestly, I missed me.

I do have some exciting news though,  I have recently been “re-inspired,” and well…I’m back!!!! Have any of you seen the movie Julie & Julia?  I finally watched it today and it was excellent!! Totally recommended.  I won’t spoil it for those of you who have not seen it, but in short:  The character Julie decides to start a blog about how she will make every recipe from Julia Childes cookbook, all within a year.  Now, now, don’t get too excited….I don’t plan on writing daily about every recipe from a cookbook, however, I am hoping to get into a much better blogging routine, just as Julie did.

I’m excited for this new found inspiration.


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UPDATED: A messy home makes me anxious!!

Our place is my version of a DISASTER!!! I feel like EVERY room is a mess. I’m pretty sure that a normal person would walk in here and laugh at me and tell me I’m crazy, because really it’s not that bad.  So, I’m a little OCD, what’s the big deal?  Sure I’m having a little trouble breathing as I walk from one room to another making lists of all things I need to do.  And yes, I am pacing back and forth as I make sure that my list of things to do is complete before I can start, because if I start cleaning before I complete my list it might throw everything off.  Okay, so maybe I am a little more than a little OCD, but thats okay…I accept this flaw of mine and well, there’s nothing I can do about it.  Time to clean. Such an exciting thought.

Front Entrance
Organize shoe rack
Sweep floor

Living Room
Clean glass tables
Clean glass window that has Diesels snot all over it
Wipe down leather couches

Put things where they belong

Clean off kitchen table
Fill dishwasher
Clean out fridge
Fill dishwasher with empty tupperware
Wipe down counters

Empty drying rack
Take out trash

Organize Desk
Organize bookshelf
Try (keyword) and organize Mina’s desk

Change sheets on bed
Make bed

Organize and clean out closet
– Make bags for Plato’s closet, Goodwill, trash

Wipe down counter tops
Sweep floors

Clean toilets
Clean mirrors

Oh, and do laundry…and study.

** My vacuum broke 😦

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A list of to do’s in Columbus:

Although I lived in Columbus for a few years prior to living in Michigan, I never really explored the city.  I think it’s time do all the “touristy” things this city has to offer. While exploring I hope to find the best places for food, drinks, and entertainment =)

1. North Market:  I hear this is an excellent place for fresh fruits, veggies, and even yummy cooked meals from various countries!

2. Pita Hut N’ Grille:  The best shawarma and falafel in Columbus?  I’ll be the judge of that!

3. Hot Air Balloon Festival: Um, I love hot air balloons!! How could you not?

4. The Book Loft: One of the largest bookstores in the country, it has expanded to 32 rooms and contains nearly 750,000 books!!

5. Gallery Hop: On the first weekend of every month, art galleries remain open late to show their latest collections.

6. German Village: It’s an old historical village, that German’s once lived in.

7. Clintonville Farmers Market: I discovered this a few years ago actually, it’s an incredible farmers market.  The most incredible part of it is the fresh donuts the Amish make.  They basically melt in your mouth, okay so they’re pretty much the BEST donut I have ever tasted.

8. Alum Creek: There’s a doggie park here, it apparently has a large lake just for dogs.  Diesel would be the happiest dog in the world here.

9. State Fair:  I just want to eat my way through the fair: funnel cakes, fried cheese on a stick, elephant ears, ice cream, corn dogs, cotton candy…

10. Columbus Museum of Art:

11. Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Garden

12. Brewery District: Many bars and restaurants with excellent ratings in this area.

13. Jennis Ice Cream: Fantastic  ice cream!

I’m sure there’s a lot more to explore in Columbus, but I think this is a good start! If anyone has any other recommendations, please share :)!

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Why must it rain?

It’s all rainy and gloomy outside and  now all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and watch movies or re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy.  None of the above, however, is an option. Why must it rain anyways?  I think tthat if it’s going to rain it should only rain from like 1 AM to 6 AM and then it should stop.  It’s supposed to rain until WEDNESDAY…yuck! How am I supposed to get anything done?? I know that some people say that they would rather the weather be gross outside when they I have a lot to do, but I would be significantly more productive if the weather was beautiful outside.  I guess I better get over it, since I have tons of work to get done between now and wednesday.


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David after the dentist

Please watch this video…it’s just too funny and so cute.

Note: I am not sure if is just funny because I have been studying for hours and I have had few hours of sleep, or if it really is funny….

I often want to ask the same questions:

Is this real life? Why is this happening to me? Is this going to be forever?

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The Second Love of My Life!

"I'm wet and cold.  I never want a bath again!"

"I'm wet and cold. I'm never taking a bath again!!"

Meet Diesel!! Diesel is seriously the greatest dog in the world.  Although at moments I consider him to be a pain in the ass, whether it be from him actually biting my ass or just because he is being annoying, I LOVE him.  We rescued him in November and at the time he was only 10 weeks old and could fit on my lap, mind you now he is only 4 months old and weights about 35 lbs.  He thinks he’s a small dog though; whenever I sit on the floor he comes and sits on my lap and refuses to move.  He loves to cuddle and play! Oh man, we play fetch for hours a day and I am not exaggerating.  I remember when we first got him I told Mina (my husband) that I hope he likes to play fetch, and now I kind of regret saying that because I now hate the game of fetch.

I think that everyone should have a a dog.  I know that there are a lot of cat lovers out there (sorry Sarah) but cats don’t show as much emotion as dogs.  I love when Diesel gets all excited and wags his tall and runs in circles, makes me smile.  When I walk into the house he runs up to me and knocks me down and shows that he is excited that I’m home.  What does a cat do?  Nothing!! Maybe a cat will walk past you and meow or rub up against your leg, but really where is the barking and the wagging of the tail and the outward excitement of seeing you?  Nonexistent in a cat!

So, going back to why Diesel is the best dog in the world:

1. When i’m sick he lays by my bed the entire time

2. He is SO smart, he was house trained in 2 weeks!! AND he learned to sit within 3 days.  Currently, we are working on the “speak” command, but that’s taking a little longer.  (I tell Mina to “speak” (aka bark) and then I tell Diesel to “speak” in hopes of him following what Mina did and so far it’s not working).

3. He makes me laugh – whenever he is super hyper he starts chasing his tail or he runs, runs, runs and hits a wall, I can’t help but to laugh!

4. Look at that face – how could you not LOVE him?

I know it’s only been a few months, but if anything ever happened to Diesel I would be totally sad and  heart-broken.

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