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Put some clothes on!!

Over the past three months I have been working out pretty reguarly at  Bally’s Total Fitness. Overall, it’s a nice facility, but I do have one complaint: women are crossing the line with their NAKEDness. Honestly, I have nothing wrong with changing or getting dressed after a shower in front of people in the locker room, but I think there is a fine line that may be crossed.  These women are blow drying their hair NAKED, lotioning up NAKED, talking on their cell phones NAKED, sitting in the sauna NAKED! Are you getting the picture?

Lot’s of nakedness is happening and it’s really starting to make me uncomfortable.  Today I walked into the locker room to put my stuff away and this little, old, flabby lady was bent of over naked trying to put lotion on her legs.  Can’t you at least put a bra and some panties on?  Ok, so whatever I do my thing and then at the end of my workout I decided to sit in the sauna.  this lady comes in and takes off her towel folds it up and sits on it.  I’m minding my own business, enjoying my quite time and I look up and her boobs are staring right at me!! COME ON!! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!

Ok, I’m done now.


February 2, 2009 at 7:25 PM 1 comment

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