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Merry Orthodox Christmas!

Today, the Orthodox church celebrates Christmas!! I am Coptic Orthodox and look forward to the Christmas holiday’s each year!  The reason the Orthodox community celebrates Christmas on January 7th is because we follow an old Orthodox calendar.  Growing up, I was taught that on December 25th Santa brought presents and on January 7th, Jesus was born.  Traditionally, on the eve of Orthodox Christmas we attend a church service, celebrating the birth of Jesus.  The church service usually lasts until midnight (or usually later) and then we go home and consume a large amount of food; a traditional meal with many delicious foods.  On Christmas day, it’s custom to partake in another large meal with friends and family…more food, my favorite!! So, it’s pretty awesome being able to celebrate 2 Christmas’ since it’s the greatest holiday, ever.

Merry Orthodox Christmas!!


January 7, 2010 at 8:37 AM 4 comments

A lazy day, is the perfect day.

I used to consider a “perfect” day as one that involved constant activity or some sort of new adventure.  Hah, I’m much wiser now. It’s official, a “perfect” day in my world is one that involves pure laziness: sweat pants, good movies,  a little (or a lot) junk food., little-to-no movement for hours at a time…  Also, (since I am apparently dependent on people), I can’t enjoy these lazy days alone –so it’s always nice when people I love join me.

I think I’ve learned to love these days so much because I don’t really get very many of them while I’m in school. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and turn my brain off, know what I mean?  Of course you do, because deep down inside your perfect day, is also a lazy day!! Just admit it.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve probably enjoyed way too many lazy days for my own good.  I am sure all this laziness will come back to bite me in the tush once I go back to reality on Jan 4. That’s alright though, I plan on enjoying the few days of freedom that I have left!

December 30, 2009 at 11:02 PM 1 comment

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