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I NEVER thought I’d say this but, I miss Michigan.

I probably should explain myself.  I don’t miss Michigan the state, but I am missing certain things/people from MI.  When I first moved there, I will admitt that I HATED it and all I really thought about was OH.  Now that I am back in OH, all I can think about is MI. Hah, funny how that works.

I miss some of the people. The past 5-6 months of living there were great, we had an awesome group of friends established that we hung out with regularly and loved.  Although I know a few people in OH, many of them are a) out of the country, b) live too far to see regularly, c) are just not as as cool. We got so used to having people over like 3-4 times a week and going out for drinks, food, etc.  Now we kind of just sit around. Where do normal people meet other people when they move?  I guess a better question would be where do young married couples meet other young married couples with similar interests?  Church isn’t really an option.  Any Egyptian from Columbus knows that there are like 2.5 youth members here and they are all straight from the motherland, so no thank you.  Not that I have a problem with you if you are straight from the motherland, it’s just that….well, we have different interests.  Okay, but thats a different story.

We are also missing the Troy area.  We had EVERYTHING you could ever imagine within 10 minutes of us.  It’s not like we are living in the middle of bufu out here, but things are just not as close.  We were definetly spoiled back in MI.  I mean Wendy’s is like a 7 minute drive from us! If we were in Troy we would have passed 3 different Wendy’s in those 7 minutes of driving!! Not only did troy spoil us, but it also made us lazy. No shame in admitting that.

Finally, I am missing the church there.  I was not a big fan of it when I first got there, but I got used to it.  I loved the constant activities.  I loved teaching my little first graders religion.  I loved having the option of going and blending in with the 500 other familieis if I wanted to.  The church here is okay, I guess.  Better than not having a church at all, right?  But like I said before, majority of church members are straight from the motherland and I don’t really need to get started on the topic again.

Whatever though, I am sure I (and Mina too)  will adjust to Columbus soon enough.  Besides, it’s not like I hate living here, it’s just a matter of adjusting and getting used to everything again, too bad I HATE change.


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The past month of my life has been insane. I am SO glad it’s over and I can honestly say that life is nearly back to normal!

Here’s a brief update:

1. Moved to Ohio!
-We survived our move! It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be and      thanks to some awesome friends we were able to get everything into our place in nearly once piece.

2. Unpacked everything
– I am proud to say that ALL boxes were unpacked within two days of moving- in.  That must be some sort of world record.  We LOVE our place and although there are a few things I would still like to get for it, our place is perfect.

3. Started summer classed =(
– So, I am taking two summer classes: Physiology and Microbiology.  Physiology is honestly kicking me in the butt,  it’s a sprint course with 2 exams a week.  I am only 2.5 weeks away from being done with that class and I cannot wait.  Micro isn’t so bad, but I honestly haven’t spent more than an hour, outside of class, on the material.  I am sure that will come back and bite me in the ass soon enough.

4. Saw Sarah and family
– Sarah and family came into town last weekend and we had an excellent time! We went to an art festival at Easton and just hung out! We learned that the car ride from their home to ours is less than an hour and fifteen minutes – this can only mean one thing…we will be seeing each other  A LOT! =D

5. Spent 4th of July with family
– Both my parents and my in-laws came into town to spend the fourth of July with us! Thankfully, the weekend went smoothly!! We ate, drank, and saw fireworks…what more could I ask for really?

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This is my life at the moment…just a lot less organized and a lot more boxes.

Boxes, boxes, boxes


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Our New Home!

How cute is this?

How cute is this?

Welcome to our new condo! 😀 We finally got approved and we’re all ready to sign the lease on our new place that we will soon call home.  It’s super cute and it’s in a decent area.  Although I do wish it was a little closer to campus it’s still in a great location – Easton is less than 10 minutes away, right in front of the property is a target, meijers, starbucks, krogers…etc.  So really, what more could a girl ask for?  I’m a little nervous though…Mina still has not seen the place in person, hopefully we’ll go see it together one day next week and he can give the official approval. I think it will be perfect for us, for now that is.  It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms (we only have one now, so this is super exciting news for us!), has a decent size kitchen, walk-in closets (SO excited!), a 1 – car attatched garage, and a little belcony. So perfect.  OH and rent is cheaper than what we’re paying now and this place is bigger. Oh, Oh AND did I mention the pool and the fitness center?


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