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The past month of my life has been insane. I am SO glad it’s over and I can honestly say that life is nearly back to normal!

Here’s a brief update:

1. Moved to Ohio!
-We survived our move! It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be and      thanks to some awesome friends we were able to get everything into our place in nearly once piece.

2. Unpacked everything
– I am proud to say that ALL boxes were unpacked within two days of moving- in.  That must be some sort of world record.  We LOVE our place and although there are a few things I would still like to get for it, our place is perfect.

3. Started summer classed =(
– So, I am taking two summer classes: Physiology and Microbiology.  Physiology is honestly kicking me in the butt,  it’s a sprint course with 2 exams a week.  I am only 2.5 weeks away from being done with that class and I cannot wait.  Micro isn’t so bad, but I honestly haven’t spent more than an hour, outside of class, on the material.  I am sure that will come back and bite me in the ass soon enough.

4. Saw Sarah and family
– Sarah and family came into town last weekend and we had an excellent time! We went to an art festival at Easton and just hung out! We learned that the car ride from their home to ours is less than an hour and fifteen minutes – this can only mean one thing…we will be seeing each other  A LOT! =D

5. Spent 4th of July with family
– Both my parents and my in-laws came into town to spend the fourth of July with us! Thankfully, the weekend went smoothly!! We ate, drank, and saw fireworks…what more could I ask for really?


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At the place I will always call home.

Before this weekend I had been missing my family SO much.  It had been 5 months since we had seen each other, which is actually a pretty long time for us, so this trip was much needed! So far it’s been an fantastic weekend:

– Mani/Pedi (Thank you Mommy)

– Caught up on all the latest family gossip

– Made ribs for the first time – they turned out EXCELLENT.

– Caught up on missed episodes of Grey’s Anatomy

– A little bit of shopping (Thank you again Mommy)

– Walked around the lake in front of the house 3 times = 6 MILES!!!

– Ate delicious mango’s for the first time in long time

– Laughed really, really hard at Samantha.  The usual.

– Discussed the plural of moose (mooses or moose, final descicion) &  the difference between itch and scratch for like 4 hours.

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6 days of hell…

I have exactly 6 more days of hell, until I am FINALLY done with this semester.  I just don’t want to study for final exams, but I know that once I start it will be done quickly. Finals week always flies by once it starts. Here’s my exam schedule:


Physics @  8 am

Anatomy Lab @ 5 pm

Saturday (yuck!):

Anatomy (Exam 3 and Cummalitve final) @ 8 am

It’s really not going to be that painful, I have  definitely survived worse, and since I finished by other class earlier in the semester, I only have 3 exams to worry about. I can do this…right?  RIGHT! Yes.  (Self-motivation)

Although I recently found out that I have to take two summer courses, I am still looking forward to the the two months I will have off before the classes start! Things will be pretty crazy, but that’s my life, and really I wouldn’t want it any other way! On the post-final exams, MUST-DO agenda:

– Look for a place for us to live

– Pack/Un-pack

– Attend 3 weddings

– Go to NJ to visit the fam

– San Diego with mom for a week 🙂 – Super excited about this to-do.

Ok…time to be productive for the first time in WEEKS.

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