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I’m tired and I feel like whining.

By the end of this week I will have taken a grand total of 14 exams in 5 weeks.  That should be illegal or something.  Honestly, I cant believe that amount of information that has been crammed into my huge tiny brain.  Who ever cam up with the idea of condensing a normal 10 -week physiology class into a 5 week course, was a moron. Having an average of 3 exams is like suicide.

Whatever though, I have two exams left to take on Thursday and I am done.  THANK GOD.

Dear Dr. Cindy Bronson,
Thank you for torturing me for the past 5 weeks. I cannot tell you how much fun it has been.  Someone should clue you in on how terrible of an idea this condensed course was.  Also, I think you need to improve your test writting skills, because they suck.
Your student,

Ok, I feel better now. All done.

PS- Dr. Bronson has her PHD in rhino reproduction. WTF??  What does one do with a degree in that besides watch/help rhino’s have babies?  Also, why the hell is she teaching human physiology?


July 21, 2009 at 1:57 PM 1 comment


The past few days I have been in a funk and I’m not sure why.  Blah is really the best way I can describe the way I feel.  Maybe it’s stress?  I have a lot on my mind where school is concerned and I think I am just putting extra pressure on myself.  I’m sure it will pass soon enough.

It’s not only school though.  Some things just don’t seem right… I wish I could put my finger on it!


February 27, 2009 at 12:31 PM 1 comment

I don’t wanna…

It’s going to be such a looooong week and I really just want it to be over.  Did you ever see that movie Click (with Adam Sandler)?  He had this remote that he controlled his life with.  I want one so desperately.  If i had one I would fast forward my life to Friday evening.  Ideally, I would like to fast forward my life to post-dental school, but I can’t be greedy.  I would settle for Friday.

I have one exam down and three more to go and I just don’t wanna study for them anymore!! I have been sitting in the same place since 10 am this morning and I think I am going to loose my mind.  I’ve had multiple distractions throughout the day, but nothing that lasted long enough.

Why do I have to go to school anyways?  I want to become a little house wife! Omg, I can’t even imagine what life would be like.  I could actually do things that I WANT to do…like crochet more often, catch up on movies, read good books, bake ( yumm), take a yoga class, oh oh I could even take a cooking class (how much fun would that be?). None of the above is happening at this point in my life.

Please make it stop.

February 9, 2009 at 5:57 PM 2 comments

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